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GB-1119866-A: Improvements in internal combustion engines patent, GB-1120057-A: Saw for cutting cold metal patent, GB-1120137-A: Brake pressure modulator valves in motor vehicle brake systems patent, GB-1121161-A: Filter for a humidifier patent, GB-1121202-A: Improved weather resistant rubbery composition patent, GB-1121240-A: Improvements in primers for the initiation of explosives patent, GB-1121538-A: In phase detector patent, GB-112193-A: Improvements in or relating to Prismatic Compasses. patent, GB-1122266-A: Motion picture camera patent, GB-1124107-A: Process for plating with tin patent, GB-1124330-A: Improvements in or relating to the epitaxial deposition of crystalline layers patent, GB-1124656-A: Improvements relating to tubes or similar constructions patent, GB-1124744-A: Improvements in or relating to apparatus for the continuous treatment of castings patent, GB-1125008-A: Time delay circuit patent, GB-112584-A: Improvements in and relating to Lemon Squeezers. patent, GB-1127382-A: Electron accelerator tube patent, GB-1127531-A: Improvements in motor driven lawn mowers patent, GB-1127653-A: Improvements in and relating to a continuous fuel splash plate arrangement for a gas turbine jet propulsion engine afterburner patent, GB-1127859-A: Improvements relating to pneumatic suspensions for vehicles patent, GB-1128670-A: Network to determine an available route through a switching network patent, GB-1129073-A: By-pass valves patent, GB-1129374-A: Process and apparatus for the heat treatment of materials patent, GB-1130400-A: Laser excitation patent, GB-1130652-A: Gasoline fuels patent, GB-1132245-A: A reactor in which a polymerisation can be continuously effected patent, GB-1132313-A: Thixotropic curable epoxy resin mixtures patent, GB-1132413-A: Process for recovering solvents employed in the production of polyolefins and for preparing a paraffin-wax-containing product patent, GB-1132647-A: Rotary vegetation cutter patent, GB-113347-A: Improved Pressing and Punching Machine for Forming Metal Railway Sleepers and the like. patent, GB-1133736-A: Liquid pump patent, GB-113399-A: Improvements in and relating to Conveyors. patent, GB-1134371-A: Circuit arrangement for simultaneous signalling in both transmission directions between two terminal stations in telecommunication systems patent, GB-1134665-A: Laser frequency translator patent, GB-1134966-A: Process and apparatus for preheating combustion air in furnaces for endothermal reactions patent, GB-1136762-A: Improvements in or relating to cylinders or cylinder liners for internal combustion engines patent, GB-1137125-A: Improved soap products patent, GB-1137144-A: Method and apparatus for measuring absorption of electro-magnetic radiation patent, GB-1137391-A: Improvements in or relating to breakwaters patent, GB-1138119-A: Suspending device for a timepiece movement patent, GB-1138451-A: Device for protecting a surface against stains and corrosion patent, GB-1138485-A: Process for production of tubes patent, GB-1138603-A: Improvements relating to electric switches patent, GB-1140959-A: Photographic flash apparatus patent, GB-1141380-A: Burner for liquid or gaseous fuel patent, GB-114154-A: An Improved Combined Derrick and Transporter. patent, GB-1141983-A: Pipe joints and packing rings for use therein patent, GB-1142427-A: Electromechanical filter patent, GB-1142616-A: Rolling mill with roll-deflecting attachment patent, GB-1142784-A: Improvements in or relating to the extrusion of composite bodies patent, GB-1143234-A: Improvements in or relating to shoe upper conforming machines patent, GB-1143902-A: Slurry type blasting agents patent, GB-1143904-A: Esters and ethers derived from polyhalogenated alkylene oxides patent, GB-1144668-A: Improvements in or relating to the butt welding of metal plates patent, GB-114479-A: Improvements in and relating to Screw Pumps. patent, GB-114484-A: Improvements in Fishing Tools for use in Well Boring. patent, GB-1145691-A: Storage or conveyor bunker means patent, GB-1146881-A: Improvements in or relating to toys patent, GB-1147539-A: Method and apparatus to effect binary to decimal conversion patent, GB-1148040-A: Improvements in or relating to sewing machines patent, GB-114863-A: patent, GB-1148859-A: Collapsible camping vehicle patent, GB-1149191-A: Apparatus for manostatizing analysing chambers of chemical analysers patent, GB-1149672-A: Process for producing calcined phosphate fertilizers patent, GB-114998-A: patent, GB-1150226-A: Flame Tubes for Gas Turbine Engines. patent, GB-1151310-A: Production of Photographic Materials using Photosensitive Compounds other than Silver Halides patent, GB-1152074-A: Improvements in or relating to See-Saws patent, GB-1153067-A: Improvements relating to apparatus for Addressing Cyclical Memories patent, GB-1153832-A: Improvements in Cooking Vessels patent, GB-1153936-A: Semiconductor Device Having Stable Electrical Parameters patent, GB-1154529-A: Hydroxy Ketones, preparation and use in preparing Polymers patent, GB-1154705-A: Variable Attenuation Equaliser patent, GB-1154837-A: Improvements relating to Battery Electrodes patent, GB-1155120-A: Process for producing Yarn by Fibrillating Film Strips patent, GB-1155354-A: Improvements in Windows for Fume Cabinets patent, GB-1155946-A: A Direct Voltage Measuring Potentiometer Free of Thermoelectric Voltage. patent, GB-1156320-A: Improvements in Hydraulic Reciprocating Pumps patent, GB-1156898-A: Bonding Process patent, GB-1158110-A: Process For The Preparation Of Solid Adducts patent, GB-1158272-A: A Reversible Rotary Hydraulic Fluid Motor. patent, GB-1158704-A: Improvements in or relating to Facings for Buildings patent, GB-1158791-A: Substituted Dimethyloctadienals patent, GB-1159316-A: Improvements in or relating to Devices for Drawing Elongated Stock patent, GB-1159332-A: Telephone Extension System patent, GB-1160139-A: Improvement in the Rack Structure for Communication Equipment patent, GB-1160340-A: Sealing strip. patent, GB-1160690-A: Pumping Apparatus patent, GB-1161974-A: Synthetic Crystalline Aluminosilicate and method of preparing the same patent, GB-1162638-A: Improvements in and relating to Pneumatic or hydraulic Presses patent, GB-1162861-A: Apparatus for Transferring Glass Film patent, GB-1163062-A: Improvements in and relating to Sound Reproducing Apparatus. patent, GB-116328-A: Improvements in or relating to Internal-combustion Engines. patent, GB-116331-A: Improvements in and relating to Tins, Cans, Barrels and like Receptacles for Containing Liquids. patent, GB-1163796-A: Headphone Apparatus patent, GB-1164279-A: Gas Burner Ignition and Control System. patent, GB-1164462-A: A Process for the Conversion of Fats and Oils patent, GB-116498-A: Parachute Equipped Aeroplane. patent, GB-1165102-A: Sewing Machine patent, GB-1168316-A: Object Carrier, particularly for Interference Microscopes patent, GB-1168617-A: Improvements in or relating to Cutter Picks. 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